A thirst for barbarity

Source: Dawn

FEW recent incidents have shocked the people as much as the one involving two young Christian men, one of them accused of blasphemy and the other nearly killing himself in a bid to escape torture. Even more outrageous appears to be the Punjab government’s stubborn refusal to order a proper probe.

Both men have made extremely grave allegations of torture by the investigation team. The one who jumped from a fourth floor window also alleges he had been asked to commit sexual abuse.

The investigating agency denies these allegations and wants one of them tried for blasphemy and the other for attempting suicide.

Civil society organisations have been demanding a probe by a joint investigation team, which is now a routine step in serious cases, but it has been in vain.

Meanwhile, the Senate has called for the public hanging of little Zainab’s killers and the federal law ministry has proposed that the dead bodies of child abuse convicts should be displayed in public.


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Blasphemy law has been persecuting more than thousand innocdnt prople. Whereas blasphemy law is against Al Quran. Blasphemy law conr from ghr book of Hadith,
    The book of Hadith is the second guidance of Islamic teaching.
    Most Muslim around the world believe in IDOL ( Hadith ). Whereas our Ptophet Muhammad never knew the book of Hadith. Also Allah never command Muslim to believe in the Book of Hadith or ( Idol). Allab vimmad Muslim to believe in Taurat, Zabur, Gospel.

    So the extremist wahhabi Salafi mislead Muslim for hundred years. Now God has beren punishing the extremist Muslim in The world.

    So becareful to believe in Hadith. You can become syrick.
    There are many false hadith in the Book of Hadith.


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