Saudi Arabia must ban discrimination against women: U.N. rights panel

Source: Reuters

By Stephanie Nebehay

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  1. It is obvious that Saudi Arabia women are treated unfair, there is no freedom at all—every thing under control of male. Saudi Arabia clerics still follow the ancient Islamic tradition even there are not the law of God.

    Unfortunately most clerics around the world have been deceived by Saudi Arabia’s clerics. What ever come from Saudi Arabia are the true Islamic teaching—
    Do women think that if all women wear Black burqa are beautiful?
    About 99.00 percent Saudi women wear black burqa and Iran 60 percent women wear black burqa.

    Progressive Women reject burqa as Islamic dress code for women. those women who does not wear hijab are considered Progressive women. Islam is a religion not extremist but progressive.


    please dont erase my comment.

    • Yes, there should be no compulsion in religion. Anyone who wants to wear black should be permitted to do so, and, yes, anyone who does not want to should be permitted to do so too – within the limits of decency.

      • Rafiq— Now you got it— I agree with you.
        Hopefully Ahmadiyyah clerics or leaders do not promote women to wear burqa or Hijab, let women decide what she want to wear—-
        Most clerics say that those women do not wear Hijab will not enter paradise. Often I hear that.

        All ❤️

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