‘Punish a Muslim Day’ Letters Rattle U.K. Communities

Source: The New York Times

LONDON — The anonymous letters arrived this weekend in plain white envelopes with second-class stamps, and were sent to people in at least six communities in England.

Inside was a message so hateful that it sent out ripples of alarm and prompted a national counterterrorism investigation.


The message said that April 3 would be “Punish a Muslim Day,” and that points would be awarded for acts of violence: 25 points for pulling off a woman’s head scarf, 500 points for murdering a Muslim and 1,000 for bombing a mosque.

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2 replies

  1. Somi, why do you always give blame to the victim? I understand that the fear that contributed to the hate crime is partially due to the activities of the terrorists however all hate crimes cannot not be blamed on that and cannot be the fault of the victims or Muslims. According to you, only Muslim are at fault and no one else. So if a girl gets raped, you would blame the girls that it’s because how she was dressed???? That’s just unfair don’t you think?

  2. This has to be one of the saddest things I have ever heard. First I don’t understand the mentality of the people who even came up with this. What if the flyer read punish a Christian or punish an atheist? Do the people that came up with this not understand that this is against every human right? I don’t understand how these letters even got sent out.

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