‘How I joined the jihadis by mistake’

Source: BBC

More than 300 people from Kosovo went to join Islamists fighting “holy war” in Syria and Iraq – per capita the highest number in Europe. But not all of them match the popular image of a jihadi, as Helen Nianias discovered when she met a hipsterish young man for coffee in the Kosovan capital, Pristina.

A man with a short beard, a dark pea coat and a bemused expression weaves towards me between the tables of this smart cafe. Sitting down, he looks slightly embarrassed as a tall glass of coffee topped with a huge quiff of whipped cream is put in front of him.

This is Albert Berisha. He’s 31 years old and five years ago he went to Syria to fight.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but it happened,” Albert says about his nine days with different extremist groups. Articulate and focused, he says his primary reason for going to Syria was to oppose the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.

To misquote the film Withnail and I, Albert went to fight “by mistake”, ricocheting between uncomfortable and frightening experiences. During this brief but eventful period, he says al-Nusra Front – a group once affiliated to al-Qaeda – tried to enlist him, before letting him go. Then he went to stay with a group of fellow ethnic Albanians – before finding out they were trying to join so-called Islamic State, which he didn’t want to do.

MORE:    http://www.bbc.com/news/stories-43173173

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  1. Well, this young man met various ‘jihadi’ groups and not one of them quoted a violent hadith or a verse of the Qur’an as their motivation …

  2. God say: the extremist leader or cleric will deceive his followers and then bring on them disaster and musery of life on earth.

    Please do not follow the extremist intolerant clerics who want to create religious state( Al Quran or Bible) become the book of constituion.

    Secular democratic system is the best system in global society.

    This is Progressive belief

    • you are commenting ‘besides the point’. Here they are talking about terrorist organizations, and no extremist clerics are in sight, just murderers.

      • Do not forget Rafiq—a known Imam
        from Egypt—now he live in Qatar—Al Qardawi asked young Muslim around the world to jihad in Syria to down the Assad regime — after then thousand young Muslim sunni Millitan join ISIS in Syria.

        Egypt President accused Al Qardawi is a terrorist.
        So the Extremist clerics are the root of civil war in Syria.
        Am I wrong?

      • Well, who knows? may be both of us a right a bit? Al Qardawi asked guys to come for Jihad and the Americans supplied the arms and ammunition?

  3. You are right— if there is someone need help to protect them selve from enemy, we ( USA) are gladly to HELP and sell our best product to help who needs.
    Purpose is to protection— Rafiq!


    • you call it protection I call it destabilization and destruction. Above you called all those who are against a legitimate government terrorists, therefore you agree that USA armed and arms terrorists in Syria (and elsewhere).

    • Somi, I want to hear you say that this no violent Hadith was the cause here first of all. Secondly, supplying arms and weapons, guns, bombs, and ammunition to terrorists is not protection, it’s stupidity and destruction. It’s opening the gates of hell, setting the prison doors and letting the rapists and serial killers out, it’s dropping a missile on your daughters’ school. It’s literally the definition of insanity and USA has been doing it all along and you approve it

  4. Somi, if someone sells your son a gun, and that make your son stupid snd not the seller or anyone else , right?

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