I’m a middle-aged, white Scottish man who converted to Islam without ever meeting a Muslim. This is how


“The best among you is who learns the Quran and teaches it.” The Prophet Muhammad

Source: Independent

By Alan Rooney

It’s important to remember the distinction between written Islamic teachings and culture in the real world. After 18 months, I went to my first mosque and met other Muslims properly for the first time

How does a middle-aged, white Scottish man living in the Scottish Highlands end up becoming a Muslim – especially when he hasn’t properly met a Muslim in his life?

For me, it all started when I heard the call to prayer from a local mosque while on a beach holiday in Turkey. It woke something up inside me, and inspired me to begin a spiritual quest.

Back home in Inverness, I went to the local bookshop, bought a Qur’an and started to read. While reading, I always asked God to guide me on the journey I had set out on.

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  1. The teachings of Islam are fascinating and pure. The Quran itself has so much detail about every little thing; it is a complete book with no loose ends. You do not need to talk to a Muslim to convert; you need to be open minded, accepting and knowledgeable. By reading the Quran you understand why Islam is so powerful. You become inspired to learn more and to become a better person.

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