Amateur hour in the Middle East

Feb 22,2018 – JORDAN TIMES –

On Sunday, it was revealed that the Syrian army has made a deal to help the Syrian Kurds, who are technically rebels, fight off the Turkish invasion of Afrin, a chunk of Syrian territory on the north-western border with Turkey that has been held by the Kurds since 2012.

And the Russians are allegedly brokering this new anti-Turkish alliance, even though they recently gave the Turks a green light for that invasion, or at least that was what the Turks thought they were getting.

The United States, which armed and supported those same Syrian Kurds because it needed them to fight Daesh, announced three weeks ago that it would be training a 30,000-strong Kurdish-led force to patrol the borders of the large part of northeastern Syria that has been liberated from Daesh.

But when Turkey objected, Washington hastily dropped that notion, and is indeed standing idly by while the Turkish army tries to take Afrin from America’s Kurdish allies. Washington does warn, however, that American forces might take a different line if the Turks invade other Kurdish-held territories in Syria.

Meanwhile, at the other end of Syria, there were massive Israeli air strikes last week in retaliation for a small reconnaissance drone allegedly launched by Iranian forces in Syria that had entered Israeli airspace.

This huge over-reaction was orchestrated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is trying to draw attention away from the criminal charges he is facing for corruption in office. A shabby tactic, certainly, but at least he knows who his real friends are — US President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia — and they all see Iran as the real enemy.

There is a kind of paranoid logic in that, but most of the players in Syria do not even have a serious strategy. Indeed the Americans, and increasingly the Russians as well, do not have a clue about what they want as a final outcome. Neither do the Turks. It’s amateur hour in the Middle East.

The United States does not want President Bashar Assad to win, but cannot overthrow him by force without fighting Russia and Iran too. American forces originally made their alliance with the Syrian Kurds to destroy Daesh, but now that its done, they are essentially purposeless. Yet, they will not leave the field as long as the Russians and the Iranians are in Syria.

The Russians intervened to save Assad from defeat by Islamist rebels, which has also been accomplished. They would now like to declare a victory and leave, but they dare not leave so long as American troops are in Syria. And Assad, who does know what he wants — the ultimate reunification of Syria under his rule, works hard to keep the Russians trapped in the conflict.

The Turks are split right down the middle at home, with half the population swallowing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s line that all Kurds are terrorists. The other half disbelieves that and hates him, but Erdogan is pushing ahead with an invasion of Syria, whose only rational goal would be the permanent Turkish occupation of Syria’s Kurdish-majority territories and the subjugation of the Kurds.

Yet, the closer he gets to that goal, the more likely he is to provoke a counterattack by the Syrian army, by the Russians and even by the Americans. And by the way, after three weeks of fighting in Afrin, the Turkish-led forces have actually made little progress against the Syrian Kurds. Like every player in the game, Erdogan habitually over-estimates his own strength.

The situation in Syria is coming to resemble the devastated and depopulated German lands in the final decade of the Thirty Years’ War, when almost all the local forces had lost their ideological motivations and were still fighting only because that was what they did for a living.

Then as now, foreign great powers would make splashy military interventions from time to time (Sweden, France and Spain then, Iran, Russia, Turkey and the United States now), but those interventions effectively cancelled one another out and the war dragged on senselessly year after year.

The Syrian war is in its eighth year now, but the commitment of Turkish and American troops to the conflict raises the odds that it might make it to a decade. And down on the ground there is an orgy of betrayals as the local players lose old foreign patrons and find new ones.

Weirdly, it reminds me of the J. Geils Band’s greatest song (they did not have many): “Love Stinks”.

You love her

But she loves him

And he loves somebody else

You just can not win…

I’ve had the blues

The reds and the pinks

One thing for sure

Love stinks.

There is not much love happening in Syria right now, but the tangle of alliances and allegiances, mistaken identities, misunderstandings and betrayals, come straight out of a very bad romantic novel. However, real people are being killed in large numbers at every step in this pathetic, ridiculous story, and it stinks.


4 replies

  1. And the Israelis (and Somi) laugh their head off: destabilization and destruction continues well according to plan…

  2. From my view.
    The root of conflict without end in Arab countries is the the extremist Muslim wahhabi who spreading the wrong Islamic teaching or ( hate teaching)for century—

    What we see today is a result of the wrong teaching-/

    America have been trying to prevent the terrorist will not attack America again after 11/9 2001.
    USA will not permite the “Heaven country for terrorist” in the world.

    Ahmadiyyah and USA has the same enemy namely the Extremist Muslim. Am I wrong?

    Why dont you blame the extremist instead of America— I cant understad it-/ you are double standart…. Rafiq

    Was Salam❤️

    • Nothing is either black or white. Of course the ‘locals’ are to be blamed too. Just because America floods them with arms and oil-Arab-cash that does not mean they should slaughter each other. As the now disgraced Dr. Tariq Ramadan said ” We are being destabilized because we are destabilizeable, just as we were colonized because we were colonizable “. But to totally ignore the role of the CIA, MOSSAD etc. in the destabilization of the whole region is also blind on one eye.

    • “USA will not permit the “Heaven country for terrorist” ? You are joking, right? They supplied the arms and ammunition to them to do their bidding. Osama bin Laden was on CIA’s pay roll, that is no secret. And the same thing continues until today.

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