Most Boko Haram members are Christians – Report



Shocking revelation emerged that most members of the Boko Haram insurgents are Christians.The insurgents have attacked many churches in the country, killing several worshipers.

According to a report obtained by Radio France International, Nigerian researchers met in Paris this week at the European Conference on African Studies and took part in a round table entitled “Within and around Boko Haram in Nigeria” where it was revealed that most people terrorizing the continent are from the Christian community.

The report authored by a certain Daniel Finnan claimed that, their decision to join the violent group was due to lack of jobs and the money involved.

According to the report, “The real problem of Boko Haram is that no one has actually infiltrated them or if they have, they haven’t come out, or they’ve joined them. So the level of knowledge about the insides of Boko Haram is remarkedly small.”

On how many Christians that were forced to join the bloodthirsty group, the report claimed, “It’s almost certainly bound to be about 5,000, but some people put the numbers up way higher. The other problem is that of course as far as we know it’s quite a good job, at one point you could be paid 400 dollars a month for just simply joining them, you wouldn’t have to go fighting, you would spend your first months doing logistics or training. It’s quite profitable joining Boko Haram because you not only loot places, but you share the loot out at the end. And the third point that I think is important to realise is that there are plenty of Christians who are part of Boko Haram because it’s a job”.


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  1. Somi will say that they must have studied violent Hadiths. The reality is more simple: no other jobs in the region, good salary and as a bonus a ‘stolen school girl’. (no need of hadiths).

  2. Boko Haram is the extremist Muslim or terrorist, if there are some christians / Atheist / etc who join Boko Haram for money— it does not matter.

    • Boko Haram is a terrorist organization that exploits the fact that there is a power vacuum in the region and that few jobs are available. Look at all the places where terrorists are active: power vacuum and lack of jobs is usually there. (no copies of Hadiths available actually)

      • Rafiq— maybe you are right somehow—but the fact is there are some violent Hadith— as guidance as second resourse of Islamic teaching. The terrorist Muslim use that violent hadith to justify their action to kill innocent prople.
        Please dont try to help the extremist Muslim Rafiq!
        The extremist Muslim who has been persecuting ahmadiyyah till this day.


      • I am not helping extremists. I am just pragmatically telling what is going on. Wow ! You are actually conceding that I may be (partially) right ! Thanks a lot!

    • Somi, once in while you must stand back and look at the big picture. Not every evil in the world is due to the Hadith. And without concrete evidence or a solid reason you cannot blame Hadith for all the evil around you. Stop being judgemental and have an open mind, there can be other reasons as to why Adam was expelled from heaven.

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