Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Peace Conference in Jammu Kashmir

Source: Chaudhry H A Zafar

In the city of Jammu which is the winter capital of Indian held Kashmir a peace conference was organized by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat India on 18.02.2018. Representatives from various walks of life participated in the conference.

Participants during National Anthem

In the city beautiful banners with inspiring message of peace, lvoe for all and hatred for none were displayed.

One of the Beautuful Banner with Inspiring Message of Peace, love for all hatred for none on the main streets of Jammu City

3 replies

  1. Hopefully God will protect Ahmadiyyah to promote a peaceful of Islam around the world. I prefer very much Ahmadiyyah than the extremist Muslim who impose their faith to every one, like Isis, Al Qaida, Taliban and Jihadith.

    All ❤️

    • Dear Zubair— its a good question. This is my honest answer, Why?

      I am waiting until we have a lot in common. Progressive Muslim want to modrenize most ancient Islamic teaching— but I found Ahmadiyyah still stick on the ancient Islamic teaching—like other sect of Moderat Muslim and extremist Muslim.
      I believe that syariah laws can be adjusted according to the contex of time and advant knowledge of technology etc. I agree with Zia that God sent His laws according to the contex of time and local tradition.

      Wait and see, all depend on God,
      All our ❤️

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