The Best Kind of Breakfast to Eat, According to Metabolism Experts

Source: Time


January 25, 2018
TIME Health
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If there’s a discussion that we have often at Cooking Light, it’s about whether breakfast is really so important. Readers constantly ask: Will skipping breakfast cause me to gain weight? How exactly does breakfast help me stay healthy?


And there’s so much conflicting research that it’s hard to keep track. Some studies show that the meal jump-starts your metabolism, promoting weight loss. Others suggest it doesn’t make much difference whether you skip it or not. Still others find skipping breakfast may help you lose weight.

So to set the record straight—or at least get the most up-to-date info, we reached out to a team of professionals who agreed to provide some much-needed clarity.

These experts have read the research, have helped plenty of clients get healthy, and know how to eat well and stay healthy. Here’s what they say.

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