Three Indian CEO’s dine with US President

Three Indian-origin CEOs dine with Trump in Davos
Donald Trump. AFP file

Washington, January 26

Three Indian-origin CEOs attended a dinner hosted by US President Donald Trump in Davos with top European executives to highlight investment opportunities in the country.Trump, in all, had invited 15 top European CEOs for dinner in Davos on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.He invited them to discuss business and encourage them to invest in the United States as part of his effort to strengthen the American economy.

Three Indian-origin CEOs–Vas Narasimhan from Novartis; Rajeev Suri from Nokia and Punit Renjen from Deloitte–were part of the dinner.The American delegation was attended by the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson, National Security Advisor HR McMaster and Dire of the National Economic Council Gary Cohen.

Narasimhan was named Novartis CEO in September 2017.Singaporean citizen Suri is now based in Finland. Rohtak-born Punit Renjen has been CEO of Deloitte since June 2015.During the dinner, Trump spoke about the thriving US economy–crediting his tax policies, deregulation and his role as a cheerleader for American business.“Sitting around this table are some of the greatest business leaders in the world, some of the greatest companies in the world. Probably,

I can think of no other place or time where you’ll have executives of this stature,” Trump said as he asked the CEOs around the table to say a few words.“On behalf of 265,000 employees across the globe, 70,000 in the US, thank you again for having us,” Renjen said.Thereafter, Suri gave a brief description of Nokia.“We’re the leading networks–telecom networks company in the world, number two. We have 15,000 people in the US, and it’s one of our strongest R&D setups in the world, spread throughout the US,” he said.

“We have half of the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent. We own Nokia Bell Labs, which is in New Jersey. We do a lot of stuff in the West Coast, in Chicago, and throughout the country, really. So just under half of our people do research and development, and the rest are doing services and 4G networks and 5G. So I’m very happy and pleased with your infrastructure focus,” Suri said.Narasimhan said Novartis is one of the largest health care companies in the world.“We focus on innovative medicines, generics, as well as eye care,” he said.“Today, we have about 22,000 employees in the US across 21 sites. We invest about USD 14 billion every year into the United States, including USD 3.5 billion in research. It’s one of our key, obviously, markets, but also key places where we drive innovation,” he said.“We are really pleased with the tax reform, but also very pleased with the great progress being made at FDA. We believe you have a great leadership team there and they’re doing all the right things to accelerate innovation,” Narasimhan said. PTI

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6 replies

    America is a Champion to create Jobs or prosperity
    America is the huge home of knowledge.
    America is a true Kingdom of God
    America put trust on God first “ In God We Trust”
    That is why God trust and love America.

    Surely, Allah loves those who place their trust in Him.
    (Q. 3;159)

    “If you really love Allah, then follow me, and Allah shall love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful.” (31)

    Q.71:11-13. And He will cause the heavens to rain upon you in abundance , And will help you with riches and sons, and will cause gardens to grow for you, and cause rivers to flow for you (PROSPERITY). What has happened to you that you do not appreciate the Majesty of Allah.

    Many American follow the True Islam or the SUNNAH than Arab PEOPLE and Iran PEOPLE who claim the true followers of the Sunnah.

    The wisdom of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said;
    When a man dies, will was ultimately good deeds, except 3 things;
    1. left a legacy of works that is beneficial to children, grandchildren and the community,
    2. left a legacy of useful science book,
    3. left the kid who always pray for his parents.
    This golden rule is found also in Christianity and Judaism or in Bible.
    Prov.15:5. A good man leave inheritance to his children’s children.

    All American citizen: Jews, Christian, Muslim, Buddhasm, Shiah, Ahmadiyyah etc say: God bless America.

    All ❤️

      • aha. so you are American. Yes, you have to love your country. Still, you should not close your mind to those who have seen ‘the other side of Americans’. (From my colleague who worked for CIA’s ‘Air America’ bringing in guns to Cambodia when the world was told that no US forces are there and taking out Opium up to the US air force destroying Iraq’s water and electricity supply with the ‘excuse’ that they are looking for Saddam Hussain. Ah, well, you do not want to know all that …

  2. America is Champion to prosperous its people by creating millions :
    1. Walmart has 2,3 m employees
    2. Amazon has 500.000 emoloyees
    3. Bank of America has 235 000 employees
    4. Apple has 123 ooo employees.

    Who create Jobs in Saudi Arabia and Islamic countries?
    Most foreign companies who invest their money and create thousand jobs for Muslim. Thank to the West, China, Japan and America.

    No wonder if God bless America and its people.
    All ❤️
    Progressive Muslim

    • It would be nice if Walmart would pay its employees a ‘living wage’. It is just wrong and horrible that one of the richest persons in the world pays salaries so low that the persons working full time still have to ask for additional social benefits.

      Amazon also is not known as a good employer. What is wrong with these guys? God’s country? Not quite as yet.

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