Restraining order issued for cult leader Adnan Oktar after father’s plea

The combined photos of Elvan Koçak’s daughters who appeared on Adnan Oktar’s television program.

The combined photos of Elvan Koçak’s daughters who appeared on Adnan Oktar’s television program.

A Turkish court issued a temporary restraining order against television personality and cult leader Adnan Oktar and a mother of two young women, whose father accused Oktar of brainwashing his daughters.

Elvan Koçak, a Turkish man living in Austria who divorced his wife Gülperi K. years ago for her devotion to Oktar, told a Turkish TV station that his two teenage daughters were brainwashed by Oktar.

In an tearful interview to Akit TV, the 44-year-old father said he has not been able to contact his daughters Şeyma and Büşra Koçak for seven months and only recently learned they were in Oktar’s entourage. He said his friends notified him when they saw two girls at the ages of 19 and 17 on a live broadcast of Oktar’s TV show, among other young women in heavy makeup.

Elvan Koçak said his daughters cut off contact with him and he appealed to the Turkish authorities to help.

The Anadolu prosecutor’s office started an investigation against Oktar and Gülperi K. on charges of “deprivation of liberty” and sought a protection order for the father and two women. The court issued a six-month restraining order against Oktar and Gülperi K. and also gave custody of the 17-year-old girl to her father.

Oktar surrounds himself with young women and good-looking men during his programs where he delves into everything from evolution theory to the “British deep state” on his A9 TV. He affectionately calls the young women on his show “kittens.” His critics claim that he brainwashes young women and men from wealthy families into joining his cult, a claim he had repeatedly denied.


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2 replies

  1. You are never going to post what happened next,… are you?
    These girls are living with their mother who has taken divorce from their father.
    Their father even threatened to kill them.
    Turkish and Austrian authorities have given the children to their mother and these children have repeatedly denied these false claims and slanders.
    Go to these girls’ social media and see the response of Turkish & Austrian authorities and of these girls and their brother and their mother.

    And do make a post about that as well! which you will not because your aim was to Slander Mr Adnan Oktar and spread false news.

    • We are totally neutral in all that, just wanting to bring facts. If you like an ‘article’ about it you may let me have it at
      Personally my opinion is that Adnan Oktar is a really totally unusual ‘Islamic scholar’. No other Islamic Scholar surrounds himself with half naked ladies in public. Wonder how he got away with it that long.

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