The Differences Between God and Jesus Christ from the Sayings of Christ Himself


Holy Trinity, fresco by Luca Rossetti da Orta, 1738–9 (St. Gaudenzio Church at Ivrea). Artist’s depiction of God the Father, Jesus and Holy Ghost

Author of the book: Abdulmujeeb Busari, Nigeria

This booklet takes into consideration the differences between God Almighty and Jesus Christ, from the sayings of Jesus Christ himself. This work makes use of the King James Version of the Holy Bible. For easy study into the contents of this book, it is advisable to use the Bible in which the sayings of Christ were written in red ink, which is regarded as “The Red Ink Bible”. The essence of this work is to clarify between God and Jesus Christ, and for everyone to be able to determine, based on their own understanding, the Being; to whom all worship and adoration should be given.

This work, however, will help the Christian denominations that truly believe that God and Jesus Christ are two different entities; and this, however, will help them to inform and teach their counterparts concerning the truth of worshiping God, the Holy One, the Supreme, Whom Jesus Christ himself worshiped while he was alive; and to enlighten them to stop all acts of worship given to Jesus Christ, instead of God.

Please read the book in PDF file: The Differences Between God and Jesus Christ from the Sayings of Christ Himself

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4 replies

  1. Another view to see God almighty and The Holy Spirit of Jesus base on Bible and Al Quran

    Our Prophet Muhammad affirmed in Al Quran as follow:

    What is definition of God?
    1.God is Holy Spirit
    2.God is the first and the last.

    Allah say in Al Quran: 19:19, 5:110
    Jesus is Holy Spirit

    Allah say in Al Quran 57:3
    I (Allah ) am the First and the Last

    Jesus say in Gospel Rev.1:17
    I am the First and the Last.

    Therefore Jesus is God. It is very clear cannot be denied!

    Jesus did what Allah did.
    Jesus spoke while He was child Q. 5:110, 19:29. 3:45
    Jesus could give alive to Bird Q.5:110
    Jesus could heal a born blind Q.5:110
    Jesus could raised a dead to live Q.5:110
    Jesus sent down food from Heaven
    Q. 5:111.

    Allah do not have wife, and childdren. Jesus also did not have a wife and children.

    Jesus say: I will be died and raised alive again Q.19:32

    Can Allah enter human body? Yes, as Allah say in Al Quran;

    Indeed We have created man, and We know whatever thoughts his inner self develops, and We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein,Q.50:16.
    It means that Allah exist in human being. He knows everything what people does.
    Our Question; Is Allah singular or Plural ?
    Allah is a singular, but Allah’s spirit are plural. as mention above; “We”. Allah is Powerful. So the spirit of Allah exist every human. That is why Allah say; “We”.

    Most clerics do not want to tell these verses to his followers, instead of clerics tell his followers that Jesus is not Holy. Muslim have been brainwashed for centuries. Why? Clerics hate so much Christian since the ancient time.

    May Allah open your heart and mind to the truth. Amin

    All our ❤️
    Progressive Love

  2. Wait a second. Last I heard Jesus was born to mother Mary around 1 AD. According to the official Christian dogma, Jesus is “perfect man and fully divine.” So the man part at least did not exist until 1 AD. Go figure!

    I do applaud the Christianity message of compassion and love and honor and love all my Christian neighbors and a part of that is to point out the absurdity when you see it.

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