Turkish child marriage religious document sparks anger

Source: BBC News

Turkey’s main opposition party has called for a parliamentary inquiry after the directorate of religious affairs said that, under Islamic law, girls as young as nine could marry.

The comments by the Diyanet prompted an outpouring of anger on social media from Turkish women’s groups.

The directorate insisted it was only defining points of Islamic law.

Turkey’s legal age of marriage is 18 but the practice of underage weddings in religious ceremonies is widespread.

Turkish law also allows 17-year-olds to marry with the consent of their parents or guardian, or 16-year-olds in exceptional circumstances with court approval.

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2 replies

  1. I know I get in trouble here every time I say it: but: For Muslims the age of marriage is equal to the age of ‘start of sexual activities’. In the West the average age of the ‘start of sexual activities’ is between 15 and 16. This being the ‘average’ in other words some start earlier and some start later. Consequently to complain when girls aged 16 get married is out of place. (yes, 9 is out of place too).

  2. I do not accept that kind of law, prinitive law, Muslim need to think the education of their daughters. The future of grand children.

    If a young wife do not has a good education what do you expect from her? Just sex slave for a man?
    I urge Muslim and women to reject that kind of law, treat women as sexual slave.

    All our ❤️

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