Schools’ halal meat ban halted by legal challenge after decision branded ‘unnecessary and divisive’

Move to ban non-stunned halal meat across Lancashire schools halted after Muslim leaders seek judicial review branding decision ‘unnecessary and divisive’

A move to ban meat from non-stunned animals across schools in Lancashire has been halted after Muslim leaders raised concerns it would create community tensions.

Lancashire County Council made the decision to stop using halal meat in 27 council-run schools in October, saying it was “cruel” not to stun animals before slaughter.

But the Lancashire Council of Mosques is now seeking a judicial review, claiming the authority did not consult adequately over the decision and warning that they would take the council to court if the ban went ahead.

The council has now said the ban will be “put on hold until legal matters are resolved”.

The resolution agreed by the council in October stated it “recognises and respects the Muslim community’s requirements for their food to comply with their religious beliefs”, but that it was “concerned that slaughtering animals without stunning them beforehand causes them unnecessary stress and suffering”.

As part of the decision, animals would have to be stunned before they are slaughtered in order for the meat to be served in 27 schools in the county which cater for 12,000 children.

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  1. Halal food, kosher food, organic food, Jewish hospital, Catholic hospital, Muslim hospital, Catholic School, Jewish School or Muslim School are very personal choices. The US constitution grants these rights.We should avoid passing comments on personal choices.

    Love for all Hatred for none

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