Why Mohammed bin Salman is taking an interest in the Arab Bank

There is no evidence he got his teeth into any of the president of the Arab Bank’s money – or tried to – but many Palestinians regard this as a close-run thing

“They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”, according to that infamous proverb – along with the Book of Hosea and Bomber Harris. But what wind did our favourite Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia think he was sowing when he slammed one of the richest Palestinians in his Kingdom into temporary custody a few days ago?

For by arresting Sabih al-Masri, the Palestinian billionaire and much trusted banker, a few days ago, Mohammed bin Salman created fury in the neighbouring Kingdom of Jordan where tens of thousands of Palestinians – many of them refugees from occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank – have invested millions in the Arab Bank.

And you can see why. Masri is president of the Arab Bank, and the Palestinians – most of whom have absolutely no connection with Saudi Arabia – have collectively invested billions of life savings in the bank. And they knew all too well that our beloved Crown Prince has found a unique way of releasing his hostage businessmen and princes in Riyadh. He asks them to “pay back” their supposedly corrupt earnings to Saudi Arabia.

Was Mohammed bin Salman about to gouge the Arab Bank, the Palestinians of Jordan asked, in return for Masri’s release – and seize their life savings in Jordan?

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