Mainstreaming jihad: why now?

Source: Dawn

FOR three decades Pakistan’s military establishment has stoutly denied supporting violent religious groups irrespective of whether a group’s target lay across national borders or, instead, its goal was to achieve specific political objectives within Pakistan. But today the military’s attitude is more ambivalent.

Both serving and retired senior army officers are now openly expressing support for some groups. These include the newly emerged religious parties opposed to the PML-N government, notably Hafiz Saeed’s Milli Muslim League (MML) and Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYRA). Religious groups have already made their debut on the national scene and their initial successes — as in the NA-120 by-elections — are considerable.

In a video that went viral, the serving DG of the Punjab Rangers, Maj-Gen Azhar Naveed, can be seen handing out coupons of Rs1000 to TLYRA demonstrators while assuring them support — “kya hum bhi aap kay saath nahin hain?” The demonstrators had tortured policemen while protesting a religious issue subsequently corrected by the government. Their dharna had been declared illegal by the Islamabad High Court which had specifically criticised COAS Gen Qamar Jawed Bajwa for opting to act as a mediator rather than follow the government’s orders.


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1 reply

    The world is not getting better but getting worse and worse— more innocent Chistian died by the extremist Muslim.

    There are clerics say: it has nothing to do with Islam. Why they said that, I think the clerics feel ashamed with their religion, it is better to lie then admit it. How dangerous will be if clerics never tell the truth.

    Young educated Muslims have to tell the truth always, if it is wrong say wrong! Allah know every thing.

    The truth is these murder Muslim follow the sunnah, sahih Muslim-Bukhari ( I believe these hadith are false).
    1.Sahih Hadith: those who kill infidel ( khafir) will enter Paradise. ( Hinor killing)
    2. Sahih Muslim 33—”I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah”
    3. Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”

    How dangerous these Hadith are? Thousand innocent people have died, Do we keep silence with these Hadith?
    If Clerics do not REJECT these Hadith publicly, actually they agree with the extremist idelogy.

    Hopefully Ahmadiyyah has to reject all violent Hadith publicly in order all Muslim know it.

    With ❤️

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