It’s time for a sexual counterrevolution

Source: Religion News Service

(RNS) — After radio host Garrison Keillor was dumped from his media throne for sexual misconduct, a friend of mine quipped on Facebook, “Are there any old famous dudes who haven’t been sexually gross?”

They are fewer by the day. With idols falling fast in media, politics and entertainment, The New Yorker’s Masha Gessen writes that a new “sex panic” might be upon us. It takes little imagination to see how this panic could be exploited for a retrograde clampdown on all types of sexual relationships and a rollback of the hard-earned freedoms enjoyed by women and LGBT people.

Amid the current wreckage, is it time to declare the half-century-old sexual revolution a mistake? Do we need to go back to the more restrictive sex culture of old?

That would be neither feasible nor desirable. But it clearly is time for a sexual counterrevolution, to restore what was healthy and well-intended in the original revolution and excise the malignancies that have shown up lately in the personages of Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and many others, not to mention the everyday workplace occurrences of men harassing the women they work with and supervise.

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  1. Do Ahmadiyyah agree to protect women from harassment or sexual assault from men in way of Saudi forbid women work at in mix place, forbid women go out side without a guadian man?— forbid women shake hand with man?— segragation of male and female?— women have to cover whole body ( burqa) —forbid women drive a car — forbid women use perfum—- forbid women sing a song ar public— etc

    The best solution from my view, is that education at home and then trust on God and pray for His protection
    Only God can protect His people, Allah know every thing.
    Every thing bad and good thing will happen if God permite it.
    Trust on God 100 percent, do not neglect God, God exist in your body. Remember His Name in your heart, insya Allah you will be protect it.


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