Analysis Armageddon? Bring It On: The Evangelical Force Behind Trump’s Jerusalem Speech

Source: Haertz

By Allison Kaplan Sommer

The U.S. evangelical community is in raptures over Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, believing it moves the world closer to Armageddon

Allison Kaplan Sommer Dec 08, 2017

Anyone wondering what the true impetus was behind U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision on Wednesday to unilaterally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital needed only to view the image of the president when he made the formal announcement.

Glittering Christmas decorations festooned across the White House hallway enveloped Trump, with Vice President Mike Pence deliberately – if a bit awkwardly – placed directly behind the president’s shoulder, ensuring that no camera angle could leave him out of the picture.

It all felt carefully staged to send a strong message to Christian evangelical voters and their leaders that this is their victory and Trump is their man.

In evangelical world, President Trump has delivered time and time again. Now, with the moves regarding the embassy/Jerusalem he further cements himself as one who is on his way to going down as the most “evangelical friendly” president ever.

Trump showed he is behind the evangelical agenda not only when it comes to enacting domestic agenda – like opposing abortion, appointing conservative judges or saying “Merry Christmas” – but on foreign policy issues close to their heart as well.

It was surely no coincidence that the dramatic declaration took place in the final days of a crucial Senate special election campaign, taking place in Alabama next Tuesday, in which embattled Republican Roy Moore is fighting with the backing of former Trump adviser and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon.

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The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments

John Nelson Darby (18 November 1800 – 29 April 1882) was an Anglo-Irish Bible teacher, one of the influential figures among the original Plymouth Brethren and the founder of the Exclusive Brethren. He is considered to be the father of modern Dispensationalismand Futurism. Pre-tribulation rapture theology was popularized extensively in the 1830s by John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren,[1] and further popularized in the United States in the early 20th century by the wide circulation of the Scofield Reference Bible.[2]

Darby has been credited with originating the pre-tribulational rapture theory wherein Christ will suddenly remove His bride, the Church, from this world to its heavenly destiny before the judgments of the tribulation. Thus the prophetic program resumes with Israel’s earthly destiny. Dispensationalist beliefs about the fate of the Jews and the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Israel put dispensationalists at the forefront of Christian Zionism, because “God is able to graft them in again,”[18] and they believe that in His grace he will do so according to their understanding of Old Testament prophecy. They believe that, while the ways of God may change, His purposes to bless Israel will never be forgotten, just as He has shown unmerited favour to the Church, He will do so to a remnant of Israel to fulfill all the promises made to the genetic seed of Abraham.

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  1. Allah say in Al Quran: if you have problem with the Jews, do justice with following his Book Taurat.
    Taurat say: that Allah has given the land to Prophet Moses.

    I agree if we believe in Allah as our true guidance, Jews and Muslim should open Taurat and Al Quran
    1.Taurat and Al Quran say that Allah has given that land to Ptoohet Moses or Jews.
    2. Allah command Prophet Muhammad to move from Al Aqsa Jerusalem to Mecca,
    3. Romawi ( Christian) occupied Israel and destroyed The Tempel of Jews
    4. And then Prophet Muhammad followers ( Khalifah) defeated Rimawi and occupied Israel. They build Al Aqsa Mosque
    5. At WW II. Arab countries including Turkey were defeated by the West countries and then Jews people from the over the world after thousand years as refugee came back to thier own countries they love. Jews have been traying to take back their land from Arab who lived hundred years, from 3-6 generation by force or buying the land from Arab.

    My conclusion that yes Jew have the right to be recognized as Israel state—- have the right bay back the land from Arab hand.. have the right to their own Tempel in Jerusalem.

    In other hand, Israel have guarateed the savety of Muslim and Chritian to enter Jerusalem for worship.

    May Allah guide Jews, Chritian and Muslim leaders to achieve peace, amin

    • To recognize Israel as a State (on stolen land) is one thing, to recognize it as a Jewish State is another. If you would recognize it as a Jewish State you would recognize Apartheid. That time is passed. Now we need equality for all (since the French Revolution). Therefore a One State Solution would be surely acceptable, but of course with equal rights for all. And – Somi does not learn: Jews from the Kazan Empire: do they have a right to steal Palestinian lands?

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