5 Christian Families Flee Pakistani Village After Teen Falsely Accused of Blasphemy

Source: The Christian Post

(PHOTO: REUTERS/ATHAR HUSSAIN)A Pakistani Christian woman attends mass along with others on Christmas day at St Andrew’s Church in Karachi, December 25, 2013.

Five Christian families who lived in a village about 120 miles outside of Lahore were forced to flee their homes after a teenage son of one of the families was falsely accused of blaspheming against Islam, a crime that can be punishable by death in the majority-Muslim country.

World Watch Monitor reports that the only five Christian families in the village of Sukheki in the Punjab province fled the village and went into hiding last Friday after a fake Facebook page that was created to resemble that of a television news station accused 18-year-old Sonu Arshad of blasphemy and angered Muslims in the town.

“There is no evidence that Arshad committed any crime,” Tahir Hussain, the chief of police in the nearby city of Daska, told World Watch Monitor. “This is a fake campaign and the case has been forwarded to the Federal Investigation Agency to identify those who made this fake Facebook page.”

According to the news outlet, the fake Facebook account posted a picture of Arshad and asked local Muslims to “burn his church and give him the death penalty.”

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2 replies

  1. Ignorant, corrupt clerics are smearing the name of Islam and Pakistan. Islam is the most tolerant religion, there is no punishment for blasphemy in the Quran.

  2. Blasphemy law, apostate law, heresy law, ( Hadith) have killed and suffered million people on earth.
    The extremist clerics have been persecuting Ahmadiyyah thousand Ahmadiyyah since Ahmadiyyah has emerged 120 years ago. Very sad, pity and emberrassing. We still claim that Islam is a religion peace and mercy.

    In reality, millions people get killed and suffered under the name of Islam. Actually in the name of prophet Muhsmmad pbuh ( the Hadith sahih Muslim) .

    As long as Ahmadiyyah still believe in the book of Hadith Muslim is the true Hadith as well the extremist do, hundred and thousand Ahmadiyyah still become of victim of persecution years ahead.

    To avoid persecuting Ahmadiyyah and others let join me to declare that all violent Hadith even though that Hadith are Sahih Muslim. The book of hadith dahih Muslim is the root of disaster and murder in 21 century. Very sad,

    With ❤️

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