‘You Don’t Grab Someone’s Buttocks.’ Rep. Jackie Speier Calls for ‘Zero Tolerance’ in Congress

Source: Time

By Maya Rhodan

November 30, 2017

The Democratic lawmaker leading the charge against sexual harassment on Capitol Hill said it’s time for Congress to enforce a “zero tolerance” approach.

In an interview with TIME Wednesday evening, California Rep. Jackie Speier said that official policies on sexual harassment by members of Congress and their staff need to be more rigorously followed.

“We say we have zero tolerance for that, but what does zero tolerance mean,” she says. “They’re meaningless words if you’re not willing to say ‘We’re not going to allow this to go on here.’”

Her statements come amid a flurry of allegations against two Democratic members:Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, who has been accused of harassing staffers, and Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, who has faced claims from multiple women that he touched them inappropriately.

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