As Anti-Semitism Rises, ‘I Don’t Feel Safe in Australia,’ Rabbi Says

CANBERRA, Australia — On a Sunday afternoon in October, Rabbi Shmueli Feldman was hosting a small celebration at his home in a Canberra suburb. Suddenly, a car carrying four teenagers swerved in front of the house. One passenger leaned out the window and cursed Jews before the car sped off.

Rabbi Feldman reported the incident to the police and gave them the car’s license plate number, but nothing came of it.

“They said the men were drunk, and the driver wouldn’t tell them who yelled out the words, and there was nothing further they could do,” the rabbi said.

The list of anti-Semitic abuses directed at Rabbi Feldman and his community over the past year or two is long. He says that he has been egged, and that a rock was thrown through his child’s bedroom window.

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Categories: Anti-Semitism, Australia, Jews

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