Ahmadi mosques get airport-style security in Britain


London, November 26, 2017

The Ahmadiyya community in the UK is introducing airport-style security at its many mosques and centres across the country after receiving death threats from other Muslim groups. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK (AMC), which represents an estimated 30,000 Ahmadis, launched walk-through metal detectors, identity checks and bag searches to screen visitors and worshippers for knives and firearms recently at the Baitul Futuh mosque in south London. The minority Islamic sect, which is disowned by some Muslims, has also sought Scotland Yard’s intervention over the death threats to its leader Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, The Sunday Times reports. Farooq Aftab, a spokesperson for the AMC, said while it was common for Ahmadis to be persecuted in countries such as Pakistan, similar violent and divisive behaviour should not be tolerated in Britain. “People who don’t think we are Muslims are entitled to their own point of view, but a line must be drawn because violence cannot be justified. We can disagree, but we have a right to freedom of religion,” said Aftab. “Our community is under attack by extremists but our commitment to peace and love is unshakeable,” he added. Ahmadis, who make up 1 per cent of the UK’s 3 million followers of Islam, are persecuted in some countries because of their religious beliefs. — PTI

SOURCE:   http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/world/ahmadi-mosques-get-airport-style-security-in-britain/504195.html

Bait ul Futuh mosque in London

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    It is very clear that God told to His Prophet Muhammad
    Those who make a division in Islam, No one responsibility, except Allah.
    Surely, those who have made divisions in their religion and turned into factions, you have nothing to do with them. Their case rests with Allah alone; then He will tell them what they have been doing.Q. 6:159.

    I urge all Islamic clerics around the world let us protect the right of Ahmadiyyah, Sufi and other sects in Islam to carry out their belief. Islam do not teach hate to others but teach LOVE, RESPECT EACH OTHER.

    God say in His books;
    Love all people as you love your self. Love your enemy and pray to those persecute you.

    Love is the seed of peace, happiness and prosperti
    But hatred is the seed of Evil, violence and poverty

    With ❤️

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