What is the best way to find a job these days?

Millions and millions of persons are looking for a job at any time. Many are entering the job market after having completed their education. Others need to find a job because their present employment has come to an end. The project may have been completed or the company may have relocated. Consequently how to find a job is always a very important issue.

In the age of internet I notice that many persons keep looking at ‘internet-published vacancy notices’. Previously it might have been vacancy announcements in newspapers.

Let me come straight to the point and show you whether I found my jobs during my long international career reading newspapers announcement or later internet postings:

First Internship England:    found through friends of my parents.   (not advertised)

Second Internship England:    found through friends of my parents.    (not advertised)

Hotel Handeck Grimselpass Road, Switzerland:     Direct approach to the Hotel Director (not advertised).

Swissair Zurich, Switzerland:    Direct approach to Swissair Human Resources Manager   (not avertised)

Swissair Paris, France:   Direct approach to Swissair Paris Manager    (not advertised)

Ed. Zueblin AG, Marala Barrage, Pakistan:     Direct approach to Head Office in Germany  (after being told by a friend that they  are getting the contract)       (not advertised)

Afghan Swiss Trading Company Ltd., Kabul, Afghanistan:     Direct approach to the Director – Chief Accountant’s position not advertised)

Union Trading Company of Ghana Ltd, Accra:     Direct approach to the Swiss Headquarters     (not advertised)

Panalpina World Transport, Lagos and Zurich:     Direct approach to the Swiss Headquarters    (not advertised)

Universal Caribbean Establishment – Jolly Beach Resort Antigua:    Direct approach to the owner   (not advertised)

Felix Matthys Group of Companies, Zurich and Lagos:    through Headhunter    (may be advertised)

Rehau Ltd. Bangkok:    advertised in The Bangkok Post       (first advertised position!)

Caritas Switzerland, Kosovo:       Direct Approach to Director    (not advertised)

IOM – International Organization for Migration, Kosovo, Cyprus, Baghdad, Amman, Benghazi    (posted on internet).


Conclusion:    If one answers an internet-advertised position one is in competition sometimes with hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Just slightly better than purchasing a lottery ticket.

It is better to use ‘networking’ = direct approach to find vacancies before they are even advertised. Most of the jobs I got before they bothered advertising.

OK, times have changed and things will be more difficult now, but still the argument is similar:    GET THE JOB BEFORE IT HITS THE ‘OPEN MARKET’ …!

Good luck to all the job seekers out there!









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