America has no idea how many innocent people it’s killing in the Middle East


Sixteen years after Bush Snr launched his so-called ‘war on terror’ an untold number of civilians have been killed by disease, illness and by the US and UK-led military campaign



In February 2003, Elliott Abrams, a US official convicted of lying to Congress over the Iran-Contra affair but cleared by President George HW Bush, spoke to the media about the impending invasion of Iraq, ordered by Bush’s son.


Abrams claimed in his remarks about “humanitarian reconstruction” – six priorities had driven the planning. “The first is to try to minimise the displacement and the damage to the infrastructure and the disruption of services,” he said. “And the military campaign planning has had – has been tailored to try to do that, to try to minimise the impact on civilian populations.”


It didn’t turn out that way. Sixteen years after Bush launched his so-called “war on terror”, millions of people’s lives have been turned upside down, Isis has been allowed to fester and spread, and Iraq is a nation at risk of fracturing apart. Moreover, an untold number of innocent civilians have been killed – by disease, illness, in gruesome tortures performed by local and foreign insurgents, and by the US and UK-led military campaign that Abrams and others vowed would be surgical.



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  1. Why does the US (and UK) not have any idea of civilian casualties? Simple answer: because they do not want to. The US military even invented new words for the dictionary; ‘collateral damage’ in order to even avoid the words ‘civilian casualties’. Yes, I have seen them. And the US military, spending trillions of dollars in messing up the world, cannot spare even a few thousand dollars as compensation for children having lost legs in American bombings (for instance)… (but Somi thinks the American brought peace and freedom and democracy … ha ha ha).

    • Re this new expression, ‘collateral damage’, Hollywood has even made movies around it trying to justify America’s perpetual wars all over the world for its own selfish ends.

      Then, to add salt to a festering wound, their current president shows great aversion for the displaced and wounded citizens of these countries by refusing them refugee status and helping them!

      And these ‘leaders’ talk about justice…?!

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