Roy Moore Is Guilty Of Abusing Girls And Religion

Source: Huffington Post

By James Zogby, Contributor

President, Arab American Institute; Author, “Arab Voices”

In the philosophy of language, we learn the simple truth that the meaning of a word is how it’s used in a sentence. The same lesson can be applied to religion—with the meaning of religious language best understood by how it is being used.

I recalled this lesson this past week as I listened to some evangelical Christians defending Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for US Senate in Alabama. Moore has been charged with sexually assaulting and abusing at least seven girls when he was in his 30′s and they were between 14 and 18 years old. The stories the women tell are painful to hear and, given the preponderance of other evidence against Moore, clearly believable.

In the face of all this, Moore has plummeted in recent statewide polls with the most recent Fox News poll showing him losing to the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, by a 50% to 41% margin. What I found disturbing, however, was that white voters who self-describe as “evangelical Christians” continuing to support Moore by a 73% to 20% margin.

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