This is An Apple: The First Principle in the Search of ‘the Truth!’

CNN Ad – This Is An Apple

This half a minute ad should serve as the First Principle in the search of ‘the Truth,’ be it scientific, personal, social, political, religious or spiritual.

We can go a long way if we stick to this guiding principle.

As we begin to trust our own judgment and wisdom rather than surrendering it to our political and religious leaders, we are likely to go further in our search for the Truth.

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2 replies

  1. You DO know that the “some people” portion is includes you right? You’re not exactly the eh…truth…pretty far from it.

    • Every believer has the right to claim he is the truth, no thing wrong with that. The most important that can he defend his truth publicly?
      The real truth is he can defend and do not afraid of to debate it
      All love❤️

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