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Why was there so much fighting during the early Caliphate?

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  1. My Question is:
    Why Ahmadiyyah Muslim don not follow Prophet Muhammad((pbuh) how to earn money? Prophet Muhammad pbuh earned money by trading or enterpricing. Because of most Islamic clerics, scholars or Imams do not follow the way of prophet earn money, most Islamic countries are poor, their life depand on generosity and invention of non Islam( USA, Japan, China. europe)
    Look at Saudi Arabia, where Islam and Prophet was born, do you see in Malls or Supermarket a product MADE IN SAUDI ARABIA? This is the fact, can not be denied it.
    What is wrong? The teaching is wrong or Imams are wrong?
    As a Muslim I am feel ashamed. You are not?
    Can Ahmadiyyah respond this? Thank you.

    • I recall when Ayub Khan , Marshall Law Administrator of Pakistan hesitated to appoint a Christian as Chief Justice of Pakistan. He consulted the Ahmadi, Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan. Sir Zafrullah Khan’s answer was ‘that, yes, of course. He knows the law. He is the most senior judge. He should be Chief Justice’. And he was appointed. Those were the days, before the country capitulated to Mullah terror.

  2. Q. 9.
    But extremis Muslim forbid a non Muslim to be elected as President or Gubernor refer to Q. 5:51.

    O you who believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians for intimate friends. 33 They are friends to each other. Whoever takes them as intimate friends is one of them. Surely, Allah does not take the unjust people to the right path. (51)

    • Well, Barzani may reflect on this. He took the Americans and Israelis as friends over the Iraqis. And see what happens …

  3. His ( Prophet ) Mission established equal rights of women.===

    If Prophet Muhammad’s mission to established equal rights of women to male. I have equestion.

    1.Why Prophet Muhammad say in Al Quran: female will receive 1/2 of male for inheritance.

    2. Why Prophet Muhammad say in Al Quran:
    One wintness of male are equal 2 female.

    Thank you for respond .

    • Somi never seems to read or accept any one’s explanations. I explained why half is more than one (for the inheritance of ladies). If ladies can keep their half to themselves and men have to share it with all family members is half not more than one? (How many times do you want us to respond? Please understand if your repetitions may be ‘trashed’ once in a while).


    @ Raffiq: if you claim that Ahmadiyyah is the true Islam, you have to defand it with a good argument with kind answer. Proverb Daud pbuh:
    The wise man will be happy and appreciate if he is criticized by someone— but the stupid is angry when someone critisize him.

    I do not agree with Ahmadiyyah say that Islams Holy book is Al Quran.
    Whereas Allah and Prophet Muhammad pbuh say clearly Q. 22:78 that All prophets from Adam, Abrahham Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were Islam or Muslim, all His books ( Taurat, Zabur, Injil and Al Quran are Islamic teaching. Allah and Prophet Muhammad pbuh command Muslims to believe in Allah His Books many times refer to 3:1-7. etc.

    So those who do not follow Moses, David and Jesus teaching, I doubt that those Muslim are not the true Islam.

    Please respond my argument, thank you
    All love❤️

    • How to answer someone as conceited as Somi? Let me try this way: In Education all teachers are essential and good. The Primary School teachers are essential (just like the Jewish Prophets), the Secondary School teachers are essential (just like the Christian Prophet) but why rely on Primary School teachers and Secondary School teachers when we want to submit our PhD thesis (Muslim prophet). ?

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