Islam And Jesus

Why It’s Not Wrong to Wish Muslims Merry Christmas Mustafa Akyol DEC. 23, 2016 ISTANBUL — Billions of Christians around the world are excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend. Those in the world’s second-largest religious community, Muslims, don’t share quite the same excitement. In a few Muslim-majority countries, like Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Somalia, Christmas celebrations are banned. In […]

Canada: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will host -“Jesus In India”- event in Brampton

Source: Event happening, Sunday, Dec. 4 Jesus in India The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes Jesus survived crucifixion. A tomb called Rauzabal in the state of Kashmir, they claim is the final resting place of Jesus. On Sunday, Dec. 4 the Ahmadiyya Community will host an event, Jesus In India at […]

Prophet Jesus Died At The Age Of 120 In India And Is Buried In Srinagar, Kashmir

Source: It is a popular belief that Jesus Christ rose to heaven and his body was never buried on earth. But with recent discoveries by the well-known archeologists, this stance appears to be untrue.What opposes this belief is the findings at the Rozabal Tomb in Kashmir which prove that the body […]