Islam and Britain by Ron Geaves


In his study of the hitherto largely neglected and yet remarkable contribution of the reformist Ahmadiyya Movement, nowadays persecuted in different parts of the world, Ron Geaves shines a welcome and long overdue light on pioneering Muslim missions in Britain during the inter-war years. With the Movement’s members presenting a ‘modern’, rational style of Islam that came to be viewed as strikingly progressive in European perceptions, Geaves reveals for the first time the full extent of Ahmadiyya interaction with local host societies and how this was able to inspire fruitful knowledge exchanges and alternative visions. * Humayun Ansari, Professor of the History of Islam and Cultural Diversity, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK * Ron Geaves has written a meticulously researched work and deftly navigates a subject not without controversy. Exploiting a wide variety of source material, this book fills a historical gap concerning Muslims in interwar Britain and the primacy of Ahmadi missionaries in the diverse, largely unified Muslim population of that period. Anyone interest in the development of British Islam will do well to read this book. * Brent Singleton, Editor of The Convert’s Passion and Yankee Muslim *

About the Author

Ron Geaves is Visiting Professor at Cardiff University, UK

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