The Changing Global Religious Landscape

Source: Pew Research Center

Babies born to Muslims will begin to outnumber Christian births by 2035; people with no religion face a birth dearth

More babies were born to Christian mothers than to members of any other religion in recent years, reflecting Christianity’s continued status as the world’s largest religious group. But this is unlikely to be the case for much longer: Less than 20 years from now, the number of babies born to Muslims is expected to modestly exceed births to Christians, according to new Pew Research Center demographic estimates.

Muslims are projected to be the world’s fastest-growing major religious group in the decades ahead, as Pew Research Center has explained, and signs of this rapid growth already are visible. In the period between 2010 and 2015, births to Muslims made up an estimated 31% of all babies born around the world – far exceeding the Muslim share of people of all ages in 2015 (24%).

The world’s Christian population also has continued to grow, but more modestly. In recent years, 33% of the world’s babies were born to Christians, which is slightly greater than the Christian share of the world’s population in 2015 (31%).

While the relatively young Christian population of a region like sub-Saharan Africa is projected to grow in the decades ahead, the same cannot be said for Christian populations everywhere. Indeed, in recent years, Christians have had a disproportionately large share of the world’s deaths (37%) – in large part because of the relatively advanced age of Christian populations in some places. This is especially true in Europe, where the number of deaths already is estimated to exceed the number of births among Christians. In Germany alone, for example, there were an estimated 1.4 million more Christian deaths than births between 2010 and 2015, a pattern that is expected to continue across much of Europe in the decades ahead.

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  1. Why is it that that even Muslim babies who can’t even seem to control their bowl movements phase a threat to this conquered world of christians? My advise, leave religion aside and just pay attention to the human side. Babies will be babies , let’s not get carried away and take their innocence away and start a debate and a war. Let’s keep religion personal and humanity global.

      • For a change Somi made me laugh. Palestine, Israel and Detroit … ha ha ha

  2. Babies are born with “NO religion “, it is We who give them a way or path. Those innocent souls even don’t know about any religion. So it’s better to leave this matter here only..worry about the present first.

  3. I feel making predictions like that is like you are the one controlling the world??? I feel the God knows who’s religion is going to be the fastest growing religion. Let’s hope and pray for the peace and harmony in this world.

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