Harford County sues ‘Muslim’ community builder

Baltimore development

This block of houses was under construction on Trails Way in Joppatowne in late August. Local residents have been trying to get more information from Harford County about a development meant for members of a Muslim group. (David Anderson, Baltimore Sun Media Group)

Source: The Baltimore Sun

By David Anderson, Contact Reporter

Harford County, the defendant in lawsuit filed in federal court by the builder of a controversial 48-lot subdivision in Joppatowne, has filed suit against the builder alleging he has made defamatory statements against the county.

The complaint against Bill Luther Jr., president and CEO of Gemcraft Homes Inc., of Forest Hill, was filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for Maryland, according to a copy of the three-page complaint provided by a spokesperson for Luther.

“I haven’t seen it,” Luther said of the complaint. “I’d heard that it’s coming.”

Luther said he would be glad to comment once he is served. His company is building townhouses along Trails Way, and the homebuyers include members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect. That has generated community concerns it would be a Muslim-only subdivision.

Cindy Mumby, a spokesperson for the county government, confirmed Thursday that the county had filed the defamation complaint, but she declined to comment further.

Luther’s company, along with the entity that owns the lots, OT LLC, of Forest Hill, filed a lawsuit against the county in the U.S. District Court for Maryland in late September regarding what it calls the county’s “unlawful efforts” to prevent Gemcraft from building and selling the townhouses.

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    rabyam posted: “Source: The Baltimore Sun BY David Anderson Contact Reporter The Aegis

    Harford County, the defendant in lawsuit filed in federal court by the builder of a controversial 48-lot subdivision in Joppatowne, has filed suit against the builder alleging he has”

  2. I’m not a lawyer but in Canada there are a lot of mini villages the Ahmadiyya community has built around mosques and they also build a very strong and loyal bond with their city/community. It’s truly exemplary to witness their cause and assist to everyone regardless of their race, faith, colour or sexual preference.

    but returning to subject matter on hand, I don’t see why having a community for the elderly around is such a big deal, after all they want to be comfortable and close to their faith before they die. Is it the American way to be cruel? Or is it the American way to drag others through the mud so no one looks at you? Ahmadiyya Muslim community has faced the brunt of persecution and extreme tough cruelty from most of the world, where most of the Muslim countries even have declared the Ahmadiyya community to be non-Muslims and now in USA they will face law suits as Muslims. Wow… that’s justice of America

  3. Interesting that you need a permission by authorities now if you want to buy houses closer to your own community ??? Let’s hope and see that American can keep justice between all religions.

    • Depend where you live… do not expect all American are lovely people, there are Islamophobia too.
      In order we can live in peace love all people pray for Islamophobia .Put trus on God, He will guide and protect you,

  4. If the people of Ahmaddiya Muslim Community are building houses then what is wrong with that?
    If a family wants to build houses side by side then there should be no objection to this?
    These members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are citizens of America .They are contributing in their society and they have all the basic human rights as any other American.

  5. Wow!!!!!!,, now another problem these Americans have with “Ahmadiyya community “.
    My message for them is to “LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE”.
    We are a peaceful religion and we also have the same rights as u people have.
    At least show some Humanity.

  6. Basic rights should be given to every citizen of a country and Ahmadiyya Musllim community is a good example of peaceful community not only in America but in all over the world.

  7. I’m agree with this comment that Muslim community is a good example of peaceful community in all over the world.

  8. I am also agree that Muslim community is a peaceful community, spreading the message
    of peace and justice not only in America but all over the world and deserve the same basic rights
    like other citizens.

  9. I don’t get the idea of a man sueing another man for building houses, so that the group of the same religion can live together. The government gives full permission to let the people of the same community live together. If your relatives or a family member buys a house beside yours, does that mean you are going to sue them because they can’t live close to each other .If Ahmadiyya Muslim Community wants to live together,why can they not?

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