Europe For Austria’s Muslims, country’s hard-right turn signals an ominous direction

Source: The Washington Post

 October 20 at 5:00 AM
 A little over a century ago, the ancestors of modern Austrians were at the vanguard of religious liberty in Europe, giving their small Muslim community the same rights as Christians or Jews.

Today, the much larger and rapidly growing Muslim population of Austria sees their country again setting the tone in Europe — but this time in a far more ominous direction.

In Sunday’s election, well over half the country’s voters chose parties that defined themselves by their hard-line stances on immigration, integration and multiculturalism.

The third-place finisher, the Freedom Party, campaigned on the proposition that Islam is incompatible with Austrian values and an existential threat to Europe.

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  1. ExtremistMuslims has affect Peacefull Muslims around the world. Saudi Arabia and other extremist countries should take responsibility. Why?

    Saudi Arabia and others have allowed Extremist Clerics to teach hatred toward Jews and Christians for century.

    Now they became strong and million followed in the world, they want to build Islamic world under one Caliphate.
    It started from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Millions people have suffered and died.
    Very sad and pity.

    • Ah Somi, I wish you would address papers in Saudi Arabia. You are a bit out of date. So so-called ‘Islamic State’ is a terrorist organization and does not deserve even to be called ‘building’ anything.

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