Paktia police chief among 32 killed in attacks on Afghan police centre

Source: Dawn

The Taliban claimed responsibility in a tweet for the attack in the centre in Gardez, capital of Paktia province which borders Pakistan.

“At first, a suicide bomber detonated a car filled with explosives near the training centre, making way for a number of attackers to start their assault,” the Afghan interior ministry said in a statement.

A local official said two car bombs blew up near the compound that also houses the provincial headquarters of the national police, border police and Afghan National Army.

Photos posted on Twitter purportedly show two large plumes of smoke rising above the city, suggesting two bombs were detonated in the assault.

Paktia borders Pakistan’s tribal areas where the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network has a presence.

The extremist group has been blamed for carrying out spectacular attacks across Afghanistan since the US-led invasion in 2001 and is known for its frequent use of suicide bombers.

It was blamed for the truck bomb deep in the heart of the Afghan capital Kabul in May that killed around 150 people.


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  1. About a week ago 300 people died by extremist Somalia, now 30 people died by extremist Afganistan.. hundred Muslims died in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq every day.
    Can we claim still Islam is a religion of peace, and mercy?
    Only dishonest clerics still believe that Islamic teaching is a religion of peace and mercy.

    Dishonest clerics never admit that Chistianity Islam is a Religion of peace, most majority Christian countries are peacefull country. All religions can live in peace, harmony and prosperity. This is true fact, can not be denied it. ahmadiyyah Muslims very enjoy to live in majority Christian country than Islamic countries.

    Islamic clerics should be ashamed why Muslim cannot live in peace in their own country? What is wrong? Because of conspiracy theory of Zionist or America ?
    Very sad and pity.

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