Three Ahmadis sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan

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Source: Al Jazeerah


More than 250 members of the Ahmadi sect have been killed since 1984, according to the community [Reuters]

Islamabad, Pakistan – Three members of Pakistan‘s persecuted Ahmadi sect have been sentenced to death for blasphemy by a court in the central town of Sheikhupura, a community spokesperson said.

Mubasher Ahmad, Ghulam Ahmed and Ehsan Ahmed were convicted by the court on Wednesday for insulting Prophet Mohammad under the country’s strict blasphemy laws, Ahmadi community spokesperson Saleemuddin told Al Jazeera.

The three men were arrested in May 2014 after they tore down religious posters in Bhoiwal, a village about 22km southwest of the city of Lahore.

Khalil Ahmed, a fourth accused, was shot and killed in police custody just days after the incident took place.

While the accused claimed the posters carried anti-Ahmadi slogans, the prosecution said they carried religious significance and that tearing them down was tantamount to insulting the prophet.

Saleemuddin said that the Ahmadi community would challenge the trial court’s decision in the high court.

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  1. Very sad, very sad again and again never stop porsecute Ahmadiyyah Muslim since decades of decades.. I just wonder why Ahmadiyyah still disagree that Ghe book of Hadith is the root of violence, killing innocent Ahmadiyyah just different interpretation of Islam?

    Why Ahmsdiyyah are afraid of declaring that thd book of Hadith is not Islsmic teaching from Alah and Prophet.
    Prophet never knew thr book of Hadith?? Why do Ahmadiyyah still believe in The book of Hadith strongly.

    How many innocent Ahmadiyyah will be porsecuted years ahead? Very sad!

    Ooh Allah please guide Ahmadiyyah leader to NOT believing in the idol of Hadith. Amin
    All love

  2. To Ahmadiyyah; Do not be afraid of telling Pakistani that Majority Christians countries treat Ahmadiyyah and others lovely and justly.
    Why majority Islam countries like Pakistan treat Ahmadiyyah badly, whereas they live in their own country.

    Ahmadiyyah can tell them you destroy the image of Peaceful Islam. Islam become a violent Religion. You can not claim that Islam is a religion of peace. I admit that from now Christian where we live is a religion of peace.

    Hopefully by telling that can open their heart and their eyes. They are blind right now, they live in the dark place
    then they will fall into the hole of misery.
    Very sad and pity killing innocent Ahmadiyah
    All love

  3. There is anyone who knows whitch Islamic majority countries do not recognize Blasphemy law?

    As I know most Islamic Scholars around the world believe that Bladphemy law was written in the book of Hadith is valid Islamic law.

    I reject blasphemy law, it is not Islamic law because I reject Islamic law from Hadith or idols .
    Those who believe in idols or Hadith is unforgivable sin ot Syrik.
    May Allah guide Muslimd around the world to the right path of Islam,amin

  4. ===Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws prescribe a mandatory death penalty for anyone found guilty of insulting Prophet Muhammad, and life imprisonment for those found to defile the Quran.===

    Can we claim that Islam is aReligion of peace?
    Can we claim that Pakistan can provide a peace for all?
    I do not think so…!

    • Yes Zia, every one can claim that Islam is religion of peace, but in realiaty there is no 1 country in the world people can live in peace start from Saudi Arabia to Asia, Piliphine.
      It means Islamic teaching can not create peace, justice for all, conveserly create conflic and poverty. This is the true fact on the ground.Zia?

      Look at where do you live, you can live in peace, prosperity and happiness. Because this country is governed by the value of christianity, in other words by the rule of Human Right and justice for all.

      So Christianity can create peace, prosperity and happiness.
      In contrast Islam is the word of peace, only slogant, in reality Islamic teaching create conflict and poverty. Am I wrong, or Islamic teaching is wrong?
      I believe that Islamic teaching has been contaminated with wrong teaching from men ( Hadith) . I can prove it if you need it Zia?
      Let us investigate it again and again.
      All love

  5. There should be no blasphemy law on books. Blasphemy law is blasphemy against humanity.
    Half of the world do not believe in God but God let them live. If God does not make any law against blasphemy who are we?
    Love and peace to all

  6. Political leaders cannot change the Blasphemy law. Why?
    Most Muslims believe that Blasphemy is Syariah law. When a political leader want to abolish that law, Muslims will not vote for him the next election.
    Blasphemy law can be abolished if Saudi Arabia declare that Blasphemy law is INVALID 21st Century.
    Very sad and pity to hear such news.

    • “Most Muslims believe that Blasphemy is Shariah law.”

      Is Quran source or public is source of Blasphemy Law and Shariah Laws?

      Where can I find this infamous Blasphemy law?

      Your help will be greatly appreciated.


  7. Blasphemy is a term for promoting business based on hatred of other fellow beings. As long stupid people listen to the ignorant mullas in the Muslim world, this blasphemy business will go on. Instead trying to go to Mars, or invent something which will benefit humanity, they are
    mired in blasphemy laws. What a pity.

  8. Blasphemy law is a hate crime orchestrated by hate mongering terrorists and political mafia.
    There should be no blasphemy law period.

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