Malaysia: Amid vigilante threats, Ahmadi Musilms offer olive branch to PPIM


KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 — Followers of the Ahmadiyyah community in Selangor have invited the Malaysian Muslim Consumers’ Association (PPIM) to an open dialogue, after a threat was made against them during the latter’s press conference last month.

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In a letter written by Ainul Yakin M. Zin, a spokesman for the Malaysian Ahmadiyyah community to PPIM, the group proposed that both sides invite 250 people for the event which should also be recorded.

“We would be grateful for the offer as it is in line with Allah’s command in the Quran for us to conduct a dialogue as a means to sort out any issues,” read a copy of the letter shown by a member of the community to Malay Mail Online.

When contacted, PPIM chief activist Datuk Nadzim Johan said his group will accept the offer for an open dialogue on “religious issues” but the topics of discussion must be ironed out beforehand and that religious authorities should also be present.

“I think we accept… Our only issue is that there must be a limit to the promotion of their religion, because in Malaysia you cannot propagate any other religion besides Islam,” he told Malay Mail Online.

Despite Nadzim’s claim, Ahmadiyyah is not a… read more at source.

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  1. These deceptive techniques of Non Muslim group called Ahmadiyya Jamaat to promote ahmadiyya faith among Mainstream Muslims will cause them dearly one day.

    • Those who accuse other Muslims are not Islam, actualy he is not a true Muslim.
      Most Islamic clerics are not honest, they hide the truth of Islam. Allah say: Jews, Christians and Muslim are all Islam Q. 22:78, ahmadiyyah is Islam 100 percent, no doubt, even though they believe in their Caliphate was a Prophet.

    • Khurri, could you please tell us why you don’t believe that Ahmadis are not Muslim? What is your criteria of a Muslim?

  2. Islam promotes freedom of religion and conscience and the prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him said that from whose hand and actions others are not safe is not a Muslim. I don’t know what sort of Islam Kurri believes in?

  3. Very sad and pity extremist Muslim has been showing a bad and violent Islam. Extremust Muslims destroy Islam. Islam used to be a religion of peace, not anymore in 21 Century. There is NO PEACE under Islamic ruler from Saudi Arabia to Asia.
    Islamic teaching has to be reformed otherwise Islam can not be called a religion of peace. Christianity us the true Religion of peace in 21st Century.

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