Malaysia: Ahmadiah Muslim community lives in fear after veiled threats from PPIM

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A recent press conference by the Muslim consumer group is being taken as a veiled threat of violence against members of the minority Muslim sect.


From left to right: GBAH chairman Masridzi Sat, PPIM chief Nadzim Johan, and PPIM umrah regulatory unit head Abdul Halim.

PETALING JAYA: A small community of Ahmadiah followers in Selangor is living in fear following threats and warnings issued against its members during a press conference hosted by the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) last week.

At the press conference on Sept 27, a spokesman for a group calling itself Gerakan Banteras Aktiviti Haram (GBAH) urged state Islamic authorities to act against Baitusalam, which for decades has been a meeting point for followers of Ahmadiah.

Ahmadiah is a Muslim sect originating from the Indian subcontinent, which the National Fatwa Council ruled as deviant. The sect is also condemned in Friday sermons throughout Selangor to remind Muslims that it is not part of Islam.

For decades, followers of Ahmadiah at the Baitusalam, a three-storey building in Kampung Nakhoda, Batu Caves, have lived peacefully with the locals, despite occasional harassment from religious officials.

But according to Jariullah Ahmad, a spokesman for Jemaat Ahmadiyah Muslim Community which runs the centre, some locals were not happy with the group’s private activities, and brought their complaint to PPIM.

Jariullah is particularly worried that several threatening remarks were uttered by GBAH chairman Masridzi Sat at the PPIM press conference on … read more at source.

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  1. Ahmaidiyya Jamaat’s continuous efforts of Actively Proselytizing & seeking converts from among mainstream Muslims, is the cause of this problem. If Ahmadiyyas do not stop these deceptive conversion techniques by giving wrong context of verses of Quran, then these threats will only grow further…

    • Why shouldn’t the Ahmadiyya jama’at not spread its beliefs to others? If there is freedom of belief and worship, there should not be any restrictions to them or any other community, be they Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

      What is it about the Ahmadis’ belief that the others who object to them, cannot answer in a civilized, peaceful way of having a debate with them regarding the differences instead of issuing threats and intimidation?

      This behaviour only goes to show that the objectors have no relevant answer to our jama’at and its beliefs, but due to vested interests of the mullahs, resort to violence and intimidation, instead. These mullahs are afraid of losing their followers to a more peaceful and true teaching of Islam….

      • ==These mullahs are afraid of losing their followers to a more peaceful and true teaching of Islam….===

        To Khurri: do you know that the tenet of Iskamic teaching are; love, justice for all and freedom of religion. These tenet will create PEACEFUL society. Then we can claim that Islam is a religion of PEACE.

        If maintream of Islam are afraid to others, it means mainstream of Islam is weakest of faith. If you are strong iman or faith you do not need to be afraid, all are depend of Allah, you know that right?
        Let us show to people that Islam is a true religion of peace and accept the different interpretation of Islam and then let Allah judge us all. We do not have the right to judge others. We are all sin too.
        May Allah guide extremist Islamic clerics to the right path of Islam.
        All love

  2. ====These mullahs are afraid of losing their followers to a more peaceful and true teaching of Islam….===

    To Ahmadiyyah
    Hopefully Ahmadiyyah can do the same, are not afraid of losing Ahmadiyyah’s followers to Progressive Muslim if I criticize what are wrong with Ahmadiyyah faith. Agree!

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