Malaysia: Ahmadi Muslims in Penang live a peaceful life

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However, there are worries about an active campaign against the sect elsewhere on the peninsula.

Northern region Ahmadi Community jemaat president Abdul Aziz Mohd Ibrahim (right) and fellow Ahmadi member from Indonesia, Hasnar Sriregar (left).

Local Ahmadi community leader Abdul Aziz Mohd Ibrahim (right) with fellow Ahmadi member from Indonesia, Hasnar Sriregar

GEORGE TOWN: Ahmadi Muslims in Penang continue to live in peace with other Muslims despite a resurgence of anti-Ahmadi sentiment elsewhere in Peninsular Malaysia, particularly in the Klang Valley.

According to Abdul Aziz Mohd Ibrahim, the president of the Ahmadi Muslim Community Association for the northern region, scores of Ahmadis regularly go to the many mosques and suraus in the state to perform their five obligatory prayers alongside other Muslims.

“There is something about Penang that is very different from other states on the peninsula,” Aziz told FMT. “You see mosques, churches and temples everywhere. We see this is a sign that people here are people of faith and of tolerance. And the Muslims here see us as one them, praise be to God.”

Federal Islamic authorities have declared Ahmadi Islam as a deviationist sect because the Ahmadis believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, who died in 1908, to be the promised Messiah. Mainstream Muslims, on the other hand, believe the Messiah to be Jesus the son of Mary and that he will come back to earth in his second coming towards the end of times.

The Ahmadi community claims to have tens of millions of followers throughout the world. It currently has its headquarters in Britain.

“Our Messiah has been sent to revive Islam and …read more at source.

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