Croydon’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosts their third annual Interfaith Symposium

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Hindus, Christians and Muslims stood as one in a memorable exploration of faith

On a wet September evening, I find my way to the serene prayer room of the Baitus Subhan Mosque. There is a warm atmosphere of anticipation and keen conversation as people start to meet, greet and find out about each other. The event opens with stalls representing a number of community groups and a round of applause for members of the fire brigade, setting a tone of spirited, appreciative dialogue.

This is the third annual Interfaith Symposium hosted by the Croydon  Ahmadiyya Community, whose interfaith work proceeds from their central principle: “Love For All, Hatred For None.” Their Youth Association (AMYA) has participated in New Year clean-ups here in Croydon, peaceful demonstrations of solidarity after terrorist attacks and fundraisers such as the recent #MercyForMankind Charity Challenge in the Lake District.

The prefix inter finds its roots in words meaning among, between, in the midst of, betwixt. We are all aware that history has been fraught with religious warfare and that in times where religious and political extremism is rife, it feels imperative to promote peaceful interaction between those of different faiths and beliefs. Our Croydon ‘community of communities’ as Mayor Toni Letts calls it, enjoys a relatively peaceful co-existence unknown to war-torn areas of the world.

The evening opens with recitations from the three faith groups represented tonight

So here we are, amongst each other. I chat with an Islamic Consultant from… read more at source.

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