The World is Designed for Men

Source: Medium

BY Kat Ely

Blind by Design is a series focused on addressing systemic biases within design. Join us.

Men dominate the design industry. I took a look at 27 design and engineering consulting firms with public information about their teams. Here’s what I found:

27 Design Firms

743 People

188 Women

555 Men

Only 24.4% of the staff at these design + engineering firms are female.

Taking a closer look at those numbers shows how rare it is to be a woman in a design or engineering role at a consultancy:

2 replies

  1. Men certainly dominate the world. But how could it be otherwise when the Abrahamic God figure is characterised as an old man, and women are considered inferior. I remember that not so long ago women were discouraged from further education because they would be getting married and raising families, and there were very few female doctors and other professionals, and were not welcomed by their fellow professionals. To some extent that is still the case, although things are improving, and women are entering professions formerly the exclusive domain of men. Let us remember that not all men are the same, and neither are women, but as a species we are all equal – or should be!

    • now, in countries such as Iran (which some commentators keep calling ‘backwards’) I think the female population in the Universities is something like 70%.
      When I visited a dental degree class in Jordan University about 80% of the students were ladies.

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