Ahmadiyya/Humanity First Croatia offers another Donation.

By: Zubair Khalil Khan
Pictures: Rana Muhammad Munawwar Khan

Cow Meat being prepared for public Kitchens of Caritas

Humanity First Germany was generous enough to provide funds for the qurbani on the eve of Idul Azhia. Keeping in view the local circumstances 400 kg sheep meat was distributed amongst 600 friends, needy persons and refugees residing in Croatia. Similarly 600 kg of cow meat was provided to public kitchen facilities being administered under arrangements of Caritas Croatia. Likely to be consumed approximately by 3 to 4 thousands beneficiaries.  In some cases sheep meat was delivered at homes also which was much appreciated. Under Caritas kitchen facilities also finished meals provided to needy.

Cow Meat packed and transported for public kitchens of Caritas

In order to extend thanks for the provision of meat for the public kitchens Director Caritas Zagreb, Ms Jelena Loncar was kind enough to organize a symbolic thanks giving ceremony on 20.09.2017 in the auditorium of Caritas head quarter building.

HF and Caritas for the event.

Humanity First Team comprised of volunteers including Mr and Mrs Sead Mulabegovic, Mr Zubair Khan, Mr Rana Munawwar, Mr Balde Yahya and Ms Josipa. Mr Sead, local incharge of Humanity First projects made symbolic presentation of the donation.

Mr Sead Mulabegovic, Incharge HF Project making symbolic presentation to Ms Loncar, the Director of Caritas

Mr Rana Munawwar along with Mr Ali Mirza filmed the whole event. Ms Josipa moderated the interview of Director Caritas while Mr Balde facilitated preparation and wind up.

Director Caritas, Ms Jelena Loncar presenting certificate of appreciation and thanks to

While expressing her feelings Director Caritas Ms Jelena Loncar thanked Ahmadiyya and Humanity First Germany for this kind gesture of donation of meat. She hoped that such cooperation will continue in future also.

Group Photo of Humanity First and Caritas Team

Mr Zvonko Erceg, general secretary of Caritas remained the prime force to make the event as success. Media expert Mr Stjepan Moskatelo facilitated excellent coverage of  event.

5 replies

  1. Just a thought: Caritas Switzerland had nominated a Muslim (myself…) as Chief Delegate in Kosovo from the year 2000 to 2002. An interesting nominated for an otherwise Catholic Charity.

  2. No surprise there, by the grace of Allah HF has been doing wonders and now this. I’m very much in awe and humbled to know there are organizations that are remembering the poor when it counts.

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