Geneva University launches new course to help imams integrate in Swiss society

Source: The Local

As the academic year begins at the University of Geneva (Unige), a new programme is on offer that aims to help imams in Switzerland integrate into Swiss society.

Speaking to La Tribune de Genève, Unige’s rector Yves Flückiger said the new programme would include courses in French language, political philosophy, human rights and ethics.

The optional programme is open to imams and people who teach in Islamic centres and has come out of discussions with Geneva cantonal government, he said.

Though normally participants would pay for it, the pilot year is being funded by Unige and the canton, which will cover the 10,000 franc per person costs for 10-12 participants.

“Our mission is not to train imams but to contribute to their integration,” said Flückiger.

Besides the programme for imams, the university will also offer courses teaching Islamic theology to all students, and a series of conferences focusing on Islamic thought.

The initiative is in keeping with the university’s international outlook,  Flückiger said, in the same vein as last year’s new scheme, Horizon Academique, which allowed 35 refugee students to sit in on classes for free.



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  1. This is a good initiative. Previously there was a plan to ‘train Imams’ (fully), but of course, as the students of our Jamia Ahmadia Universities know our training starts with Tahajud and ends with Isha prayers. A secular University cannot provide such a spiritual education. But to learn separately the importance of HOW TO integrate in the local society, that would be useful.

  2. I will be fine as long as immigran Muslims do not intend to create Syariah law, and obey the law where you live even against your faith, also do not demand your employer where you work at for time of Shalat. For example; you want to pray togather with your friends at 1 pm and 4 pm.
    If your employer ask you to take off your hijab, take it off.
    Allah will forgive you.

    • Somi, Freedom of religion is every human’s right, wearing a hijab is a right, and it would be wrong of an employer to ask an employee yo to remove it. If a person wear a face coverings that hides more than half their face and it’s a security issue than as per the request of the law agency the person can remove the coveted part but keep the hijab.

  3. A great and positive step towards building bridges and closing the gap between generations and languages. United we stand

  4. A very good move by the Geneva university. Each group should come to better understanding of their own faith for better interfaith tolerance. Each faith has to suitably evolve to become better adjusted to our present day society of global village.

  5. A very initiative step taken by Geneva University. It is really important to teach imams the best ways to integrate into the society.

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