The Perilous Condition of the Muslims and the British Government

O Bedouin! I wonder how you can reach the Ka‘bah,
When the road you have taken leads to Turkistan.
The laxity, lack of concern, and neglect shown these days by our brothers
in faith—the Muslims—with regard to fulfilling their religious obligations, fostering brotherhood among Muslims, and nurturing nationalsympathy, is such that the like of it cannot be found in any other people. In truth, the very spirit of national and religious sympathy has vanished and internal feuds, animosities, and differences have led them to the brink of destruction. Their unwarranted acts of omission and commission have driven them far from the true objective. Owing to the egotistic manner with which they fight one another, the danger is not only that their baseless prejudices will continue to grow, devouring one another like insects and causing their own annihilation, but also that Islam will suffer greatly at their hands if they continue in this same state. Because of them, mischievous external enemies shall find amplepretext to level criticism and create disorder. It is also unfortunate that some ulema of today are quick to criticize their fellow brothers and, before acquiring true and certain knowledge themselves, are ready to attack their brother. And why would they not be so prepared when,under the dictates of their ego, they wish to destroy, by any meanspossible, a Muslim who dares to differ from them, and they desire that
he should be defeated, disgraced and humiliated, so that their own victory and supremacy be proven? This is why they have to engage inpointless disputes over everything. God has altogether deprived them of humility, meekness, goodwill, and brotherly love
[Surely, to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return].
full book:
words written more than one hundred years ago by the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi, and still so true today. The Muslim World has not yet learned anything in the meantime.
Time to read this book!
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