Bangladesh slams Myanmar for ‘atrocities’ against Rohingya

Source: Associated Press


COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh (AP) — The Bangladeshi prime minister was traveling Tuesday to struggling refugee camps that have absorbed hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fleeing violence in Myanmar in recent weeks — a crisis she said left her speechless.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina lambasted Myanmar for “atrocities” that she said had reached a level beyond description.

“I have no words to condemn Myanmar,” she told lawmakers Monday night, noting that Bangladesh had long been protesting the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Buddhist-majority Myanmar.

Regardless, “they are sending Rohingya to Bangladesh afresh,” she said, as more continued to stream across the border. “Women are being raped and tortured, children are being killed, and houses are being set on fire” in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.”

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  1. Why God allow extremist Hindu to kill innocent children in Rohingyas?
    Why God punish many innocent Children in Nature disaster?
    Anyone can answer this? How does Ahmadiyyah answer this kind of question?
    Please base on Bible or Quran?

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