After what British immigration officials did to my girlfriend, I’m done – I’ve applied for an Irish passport

An arbitrary decision by a mean-minded individual cost me close to £1,000 – and marked out my girlfriend as ‘refused entry to the UK’ in her passport forever. Ever since the Brexit vote, this sort of meanness and anti-immigration atmosphere has taken hold. I’m sick of it

I filed my application for an Irish passport today. It was not entirely unconnected with the fact that my Malaysian girlfriend, who holds a French carte de séjour, was refused entry to the UK a month ago, when she wanted to visit for four days.

She had visited me without incident three weeks previously; but on this latter occasion, she was stopped, told to remove her things from the cross-channel train, was detained for four hours, locked up for two, body-searched and fingerprinted, and then cross-examined – after her mobile phone had been taken away – in what she described as a most insulting fashion.

I can corroborate the latter, since as her “sponsor” I was telephoned and questioned in a similar fashion. I bridled at such invasive personal questions, and told the officer so. …


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  1. Story includes more of journalistic jugglery rather than encompassing the facts. Better go to Ireland and have presumed peaceful life.

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