Erdoğan urges Muslims to unite against crises, challenges

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In his address before heads of states and representatives from predominantly Muslim countries, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan urged Muslims around the world Sunday to unite against a number of regional crises and challenges.

Speaking at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Science and Technology Summit held in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana, Erdoğan said that Muslim countries should work together to end the suffering of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Since Aug. 25, more than 300,000 people have fled to Bangladesh to escape violence and repression amid the army’s brutal crackdown on insurgents in the northwestern Rakhine state. Hundreds are believed to have been killed and thousands more have been injured, as Rohingya villages and settlements have been burned to the ground.

“We want to work together with governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh to get ahead of the ongoing humanitarian drama in the region. We have transmitted Bangladeshi authorities our aid offer and expressed our expectation for the necessary facilitation to be shown to Muslims fleeing to their soil to save themselves from repression and murders,” Erdoğan said.

The President added that international organizations, Muslim countries in particular, should struggle together with all means possible to end this cruelty.

Erdoğan also touched upon the ongoing spat between the Gulf countries and the tensions in Jerusalem. “What the Muslim world needs in this period is not drift, but unity and solidarity. The crisis in the Gulf region has upset us deeply. We want the crisis in the Gulf to be solved as soon as possible. We can never allow the violation of the holiness of Jerusalem and Ḥaram al-Sharif. We should perform a much more determinant attitude to prevent provocations,” Erdoğan said.

He also emphasized that Muslim countries should allow its citizens to reach all benefits of the internet while protecting them from its dangers, particularly referring to its active use by terror organizations and anti-Islam groups.


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  1. After Prophet Muhammad died, Islam never unite Muslims
    Because: 1. Allah has said in Al Quran that most Arab people are hypocrate. Erdogan is also a hypocrate leader. He become a dictator leader and punished hundred thousand Turkey Muslim who do not follow his policy. He aslo punish and kill thousand Kurdish Muslim.
    As long as Saudi and Iran do not obey Human Right , there is no permanent peace in Islamic countries forsure.

  2. Regarding Jerusalem, I suggest all Muslim leaders around the world that Allah and Prophet have said in Al Quran that Allah command all Muslim move from Jerusalam to Meccah. Jerusalem belong to Jews people, let them to build their temple there. Jews also need to have Holy city as well Muslims have 2 holy city. Muslims have to offer Jews ” LOVE” intead of hatred.
    Wisdom Prophet Muhammad: you do not love Allah yet, if you do not love your neighbor yet as you love your self.

    So as long as Muslims reject the holy Jerusalem belong to Jews, there is no peace in Arab countries. Jews will fight for their holy Jerusalem forever.
    Muslims do not be greedy! But be generous!

    • Strange ideas Somi has. But yes, Jerusalem could be shared among all religions. The trouble is that if you give the Israelis a little finger they take the hand, and the arm, and the whole being. Therefore it is understandable that the local Palestinians are very reluctant to share what they have.

    • Somi that blog is comprised of different half verses of Quran to make what they want. Second of all, the Golden Dome mosque in Jerusalem is the oldest mosque in the world, it has sentimental value, than why are you adamant on moving it? Jerusalem is the centre of three big religions not just Judaism. Don’t be selfish, remember what you were taught in kindergarten, “share”

      If you want to know what real Islam is and want to know what Allah Seder Prophet Mohammad than go to not some blog put there by a third party who has no clue about Islam. I invited you to come and have some unbiased dialogue on your on terms.

      • Unfortunately, Moderator shows hatred toward Progressive Muslims. We should respect and accept different interpretation of Islam. Only Extremist Muslims do not respect and accept different faith.
        All love

  3. What Erdogan says sounds good, however, his actions of permitting weapons to flow into Syria, permitting his son to purchase the oil from daesh, allowing a flow of foreign feighters through Turkey into Syria does not seem to be in agreement with his nice words…

  4. “Allah has said in Al Quran that most Arab people are hypocrites” @Somi how you can write this without Quranic reference. Please don’t misguid people by giving wrong references which are completely not in Quran.
    Please check in Quran before writing a quote.
    for more info go ””

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