Islamic scholars union says Muslims obliged to help Rohingya

Rohingya refugees walk through water after crossing border by boat through the Naf River in Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 7, 2017. (REUTERS Photo)

Rohingya refugees walk through water after crossing border by boat through the Naf River in Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 7, 2017. (REUTERS Photo)

An influential group of Islamic scholars Thursday said Muslims were obliged to help Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state within their abilities and called upon Muslim countries to impose boycott against Myanmar.

In a statement, the International Union of Muslim scholars (IUMS) based in Doha, asked leaders to make political efforts to protect Rohingya and for relief agencies to provide aid to the persecuted minority in Myanmar.

The IUMS, comprising senior Sunni religious scholars from around the world, said that all mosques needed to discuss the matter during their weekly sermons at Friday prayers tomorrow.

“The situation in Arakan [Rakhine state] is shameful to the whole world and its governments, institutions, politicians, intellectuals, and scholars. Thousands of people are being killed and displaced and nobody cries for them,” Secretary General Sheikh Ali al-Qaradaghi said.

According to the UN, 164,000 Rohingya have crossed into Bangladesh, as tens of thousands more were internally displaced by the latest rounds of violence.

Rakhine state has witnessed simmering tension between its Buddhist and Muslim populations since communal violence broke out in 2012.

In a security crackdown launched last October in the state’s northern Maungdaw district, the UN documented mass gang rapes, killings – including of infants and young children — brutal beatings, and disappearances.

The report found evidence of human rights violations by security forces that indicated crimes against humanity.

Rohingya representatives said around 400 people had been killed in the crackdown.

In recent weeks, the government has boosted its military numbers in Maungdaw, and the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) claimed responsibility for attacks in which the government said dozens were killed.

The ARSA said the attacks were in response to raids, killings, and looting by soldiers.


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  1. I am crying every time I see innocent people become victim of terrorist all sides ( Jews, Christisn, Islam, Hindu)
    The root of conflict is extremist leaders.
    1. 11/9 2001, more 3000 innocent people died
    2. Afghanistan more than million people died dan suffered
    3. Iraq more than million people suffered and died
    4. Libya, Negeria, Sudan million people suffered and died
    5. Yemen, million People suffered and died by Saudi
    6. Rohingyas and Piliphine million people suffered abd died
    This misery of life of Muslim will not stop soon, will continue for years years ahead. Until Islamic sholars around the world relize that the root of problem in Islam today.
    Yes we are agree that Ahmadiyyah promote Preligion of peace, but do not recognize and do not declare the root of problem namely the book of Hadith.
    Extremist Muslims / groups around the wotld are stronger than Muslim Ahmadiyyah. Therefore, Ahmadiyyah can not stop extremist Muslims killing innocent people.
    From my view of Islam.
    Allah Almighty has been punishing Muslims around the world because most Muslims turn away from Allah’s word or Holy Quran , and trust and believe in their own idol blindly Refer to Quran 9:31.

    May Allah Almighty open our heart to the right path of Islam Amin


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