Pakistani refugees make their home in New Zealand

Source: Rabwah Times

Over three months, Stuff journalists Adam Dudding and Chris McKeen followed a family of Ahmadi refugees from Pakistan as they arrived in New Zealand and went through an immigration experience unlike any other in the world – a six-week assessment and support programme that is also a kind of crash-course in being a Kiwi.

Attia Tul Kafi is in the back seat, looking out at the rolling green hills. She’s six-and-a-half, though she’s so tall she could pass for eight, and isn’t in a carseat. She speaks only a little English, but enough to ask an important question.

“Are there tigers?”

Nope Attia, no tigers in the Waikato countryside. Nothing much dangerous around here at all really, apart from the occasional blind corner, or the powerful rip off the Raglan coast.

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