As a single Muslim father, I know that liberal parenting is the key to tackling the radicalisation of our youth

We must ensure that no one is raised under a needlessly isolating doctrine when the benefits from all those who have happily integrated are so clear to see

muslim-prayer-mat.jpgWe need to involve young men and women in the modernisation of Islam in Britain Reuters

As a British Muslim, my childhood was full of doubt, tensions and a desperation to balance my place in a Western world with a semi-strict Eastern home life. Now, many years on, as a campaigner for single parents, and watching the chaos of terror unfold across Europe, I know that for young people of my faith compassionate, tolerant parenting is everything.

In Europe, we’ve had a brutal few months. The atrocious bombing in Manchester, the savage attacks of London Bridge, and now Barcelona. As the death toll rises, I find myself looking, with increasing glumness, at my religion. Knowing, as someone who has been on such a journey, that the conflict between young and old, and the ever-shifting battle for Islam needs to urgently be resolved.


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