The wise man Trump should listen to

Source: CNN

“Well, there are two things that can wipe us out,” said Shultz. “One is nuclear weapons and the other is climate change. I worry about both of those things.”
It was surreal to hear Shultz, credited with helping President Ronald Reagan bring an end to the Cold War, offer such a blunt assessment about two issues dominating news coverage. Except Shultz didn’t raise the alarm about nuclear war and climate change this week. Rather, Shultz, who has held the positions of secretary of state, secretary of treasury, secretary of labor and director of the office of management and budget, delivered this warning in late May during a rare interview in his office at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.
While President Donald Trump’s rhetoric on North Korea may be a bit extreme, he appears to recognize the existence of threat — even if he hasn’t developed a clear strategy to address it. However, when it comes to the issue of climate change, there is much he has to learn. My unsolicited advice to our President: Shultz has a wealth of information and knowledge. He may just be able to offer insight into how to deal with some of these difficult subjects.

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