16 years old Christian boy arrested on blasphemy

Source: Pakistan Christian Post

Lahore: August 18, 2017. (PCP) Asif Stephen 16 years old boy held accused of Blasphemy charges under sections 295-B PPC on 12th August 2017. Maulana Qari Rana Mohammad Arshad of the Village jhamkay Tehsil Wazeer Abad, District Gujranwala is the Complainant in this case. Mohammad Nawaz alias Majhu Caste Machi is eye witness of this case.

On 16th August TVS came to know about blasphemy case which was held registered Village Jhamkay Tehsil Wazeer Abad, District Gujranwala. A fact-finding team was comprised of Chief Executive Aneeqa Maria, Shahid Anthony, Napoleon Qayyum and Asif Yaqoob.

Asif is having 4 siblings named Mujahid, Kajul and Irum Stephen. Among them Kajol is married and the rest are unmarried. His father Stephen Masih is a Serf at the Muslim Landlords. Asif collects papers and used bottles from garbage and sell them to support his family. Asif also collects empty bottles from the Sundhay Shah Tomb. Which is about 2Kms away from his house. Whereas Muhammad Nawaz Alias Maju also collects garbage and bottles from the Tomb. Therefore, he always have grudge against Asif for collecting used bottles and giving him economic loss, as he claimed that this is my area of collection.

The conspiracy started about 24 days ago that is on 18th or 19th July when somebody burnt Holy Quran on the Tomb, but nobody took the notice and only M. Nawaz was talking about it and tried to attract the people upon the issue.

On 12th August Asif went to bazaar to buy cigarettes Mohammad Nawaz caught him there and started beating him and started shouting that Asif broke the money box from the tomb. As Mohammad Nawaz beating and shouting at Asif a mob gathered there and some of them also started beating Asif. Mohammad Nawaz made a call to Qari Rana Rashid Razvi (a fundamentalist and a Former representative of the District Counsil) and told him that he has caught the person who burnt Holy Quran. Qari Rana Rashid Razvi arrived at the spot and without confirming or asking anything he also started beating Asif upon burning Holy Quran. So the issue of breaking the money box was turned very cunningly into the desecration of Holy Quran. Someone from the community made a phone call at police emergency number 15 police reached there and arrested Asif and took him to the Jhamkay police chokey (Chokey is the branch of main police station in a specific area. It’s a kind of Sub-Police station)

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3 replies

  1. Of all the nations in the world, this nation is the closest yet still has to benefit from the teachings of the promised Messiah (as) . Blasphemy has become a joke in Pakistan, any can use it as a threatening tactics to get their way against a minority. This is hopelessly disappointing

  2. Oh wow. That poor guy Asif may be doesn’t know the meaning of word blasphemy. How he can be the culprit. Mullahs always need someone to put blame on without thinking. That is really disgusting.

  3. How could they possibly blame Asif if they had no proof. He should have not been arrested. Just because Asif would collect bottles from there it doesn’t mean that is was the culprit.

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